Love Wins

When the world is as dark and troubled as we experience today– not the obtuse, derogatory ways of the past, but the deeply entrenched, institutionalized ways our society has lived with for decades– it is rare to have a moment of pure joy and beauty.

Today the rainbow flew high and proud over us, forever cementing this moment in time. A moment when– finally– LOVE WINS.

Justice for All

Justice for All

What a beautiful beacon of light amid such incomprehensible evil. It’s been a long time since I was proud of being a citizen of this country but today is a day I will be glad to remember. Today is a day I’ll be happy to tell our grandkids about.

Today I am proud. For once in a long while America has delivered justice and given PEOPLE their basic rights. I can only hope that this LOVE will spread, and that the discourses on issues like inequality, race, sexism, and violence can grow and blossom.

Congratulations to all the couples finally getting the freedom and respect they deserve!! My heart swells with happiness for you!  Also, in honor of this oh most fabulous day I played the classic gay anthem, “I Believe” by Cher as I wrote this. And you know what Cher?

Today, I believe. I believe love wins.

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