Perhaps it can be said that our greatest struggle as a species is to ultimately discover our purpose on Earth. It cannot be said how or why this innate desire leads us down the wildest of paths, but what can be discerned is that we will not stop asking the question– why are we here?

We may never know. Thousands of generations  might come and go without unravelling little more of an answer than we have now. Perhaps it is that we ask the question at all that gives us purpose– that we can ponder and even challenge the possibilities  of what we do on this planet at all– maybe therein lies the answer. Or– that in the infinitesimal ocean of choices we have, we still care. We want to adhere meaning and value to what we do. We want there to be a reason for the madness…

With such enigmatic questions, is it any wonder that we might fall into restless despair, anxious to derive meaning from our lives? From the choices we’ve made but have yet to understand? How can we possibly navigate such daunting waters?

The only answer is CONVERSATION. Our universe is changing. The energy is palpable… And it seems that although we stand at the crest of the 21st Century our future seems only mired in fog and uncertainty. But if we start to really TALK about what is happening in the world around us, really LOOK at why these things happen, perhaps we can be closer to understanding ourselves as human beings, and living BEYOND that perpetual question.

Not everything we do will be clear to us. We are at a time in our history where we expect rewards, demand information, where we condemn the refusal of our aspirations– all without pausing to think what all this instant gratification really means. We are impatient, as always, in our quests for what we want. Answers. But if we cannot come to understand, then maybe, while we wait, we can have RHAPSODIES IN LIMBO.

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